Your Personal Session with Sandy Dumont

Schedule a session with renowned image consultant SANDY DUMONT via SKYPE or FACE TIME (Mac users) and get the help you need now! You'll get feedback in real time! And Sandy's expertise guarantees you'll get the results you want. She's been helping people get jobs, get promotions, increase credibility and respect, and thoroughly wow others.

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Introductory Prices

Half-Hour Session:
You can schedule a half-hour session if you only need immediate information. For example, what to wear to that important job interview that's coming up. You'll be able to show Sandy all the options from your closet. You can also receive electronic photos with guidance for purchasing items. You can also schedule a follow-up consultation of 15 minutes so Sandy can check results. Option: You may also book two 15-minute sessions with Sandy. The possibilities are endless.

Other possibilities include:

Choosing eyeglass frames - most flattering shape and color
Choosing a hairstyle that is flattering and worry free
Selecting the most flattering hair color

Half-hour session is $150

Quarter-hour session is $80



One-Hour Session:
In a one-hour session, you can work on lengthier projects.
Discover the colors that make you look fabulous at work and in your personal life
Find the styles that flatter your body type. Learn camouflage tricks so you can appear taller, thinner, etc.
Discover how to look more authoritative, memorable, credible, etc.

You can elect to use your one-hour session in one, two or three separate increments of time. For example, begin with 30 minutes and follow up with two separate 15-minute sessions.

One hour session is $275
(may be used in increments)