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Success Simplified - Sandy Dumont Success Simplified - Sandy Dumont
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Creating A Signature Image That Is Unforgettable

Sandy shares with you her 30 years success as a leading image consultant by giving you the answers to these powerful questions:

  • Why is image so important in terms of success?
  • What makes you unique as an image consultant?
  • What are the biggest image mistakes made by women?
  • What about Men?
  • How important is color when it comes to image?
  • What role does color psychology play?
  • How do you feel about so-called "fashionistas"?
  • What about wearing a suit only when the need arises?
  • What do you think about Business Casual attire?
  • If you work in a small office where you don't have to impress others and you don't call on clients, Is it necessary to "dress up"?
  • Branding for People. What's that?



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