How to Transform Your Image Step by Step, In Twelve Days

New Video Set for Career Women.

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How many important deals have you lost because your image wasn't on a par with your credentials?

You're only as good as you look, and in today's economy, you can't afford NOT to look good. There are simply too few jobs and too much competition out there. If you don't look as if you're at the top of your game, you'll lose out.

When you get the 12-DVD video set, "Twelve Days to a Brand New You," you're going to learn how to look so good that from now on people will take notice of you. You'll be accorded immediate respect - and you'll own the room. You can get the 12-piece boxed set for $225.

Thanks to the magic of video, you will be SHOWN not TOLD about the changes you need in order to present an image that gains you newfound respect. You'll learn amazing skills, and you'll see ordinary people being made over by Sandy Dumont.

Your bottom line will increase!
You'll also wow that special someone in your life!

This 12- DVD video set for women with more than 6 hours footage covers every element of image from your head to your toe. You will be amazed at the secrets Sandy reveals to you.

Each DVD consists of two parts: video demonstrations by Sandy Dumont, followed by photos and illustrations to make learning easy. Sandy shows you step by step how to make the changes that will transform your life. Your confidence will grow as your knowledge and profits expand


You'll learn all about:

  • Hair
  • Camouflage techniques
  • Makeup
  • Accessories
  • Color
  • Positive body language
  • Color psychology
  • Proper use of "line"

Plus, on Day #12, Sandy does live makeovers of ordinary women and takes you step-by-step through a makeover that transforms them into extraordinary!

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You deserve it!


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