"Dress To Win" – Four DVDs and two e-books in a set

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You said you wanted "Sandy in a Box"

For years, people all over the world have been nagging me to produce a "Sandy in a Box" product so they don't have to spend money to fly me out to their location. It took me a while to find the time necessary to produce the DVDs and books in this new product, but I think you'll find it was worth the wait!

This product is for you if:

  • You have a nagging feeling that your image is good but not great
  • You'd love to fly Sandy out to your office to fast-track the image of your employees, but it isn't in the budget in this economy
  • Business Casual has morphed into "Business Casualty" and you need help


Here is what you will receive:

  • DVD #B - Bonus INTRO - (7m16s)
  • DVD #1 - Image Skills - Level One (53 min)
  • DVD #2 - Image Skills - Level Two (45 min)
  • DVD #3 - Image Skills - Advanced skills for women (women have more image components than men, so this DVD addresses issues such as makeup, hairstyles, accessories, figure types, etc.) (1 hour)
  • "7 Days to a Brand New You" e-book for women
  • "7 Days to a More Polished & Magnetic Professional Image" e-book for men

Make this the turning point of your life. From now on Dress TO WIN. This set is valued at over $1,000. The four DVDs can be used over and over again for training purposes. If you had to fly Sandy in to present one three-hour workshop, you would pay $3,700, plus expenses. Order your "Sandy in a box" set today and you will pay the incredibly low price of: $497

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“I’ve worked with beauty/image consultants over the years, including George Masters, and Sandy is one of the best by far. The changes we implemented together over several months get me compliments non stop. This isn’t a one-time experience. Each time I work with Sandy, we go deeper and deeper and I learn more. She teaches her clients how to understand the principles so they can do it themselves.”

Pam Lontos, Speaker, Author
Orlando, Florida


"Sandy's book is one of those unique finds. It's totally different from Color Me Beautiful. When I returned to the office with my new look, heads turned and people nearly fell out of their chairs. Compliments poured in. I look younger and more dynamic and I also feel more secure and confident. "

Jill Redfern RN, CNHP
Women's Health Advantage
Los Angeles, California


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