Color Me Correctly, Please

Color Analysis & Power Dressing That Work

The long awaited book by Sandy Dumont is here at last!

Color Me Correctly Please

Buy Color Me Correctly- eBook $12.97

The revolutionary new eBook "Color Me Correctly, Please" will be published on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for Nook and Kindle readers. It contains 250 pages with more than 160 color pictures and illustrations.

This is the book the fashion, makeup and image industry do not want you to read.

This book was years in the making and based on thirty years hands-on and in-depth research. Social biologists have proven that everything you do and every decision you make is based on primitive instincts, relating to survival, including the choosing of the colors and styles you wear.

You think you know what you look good in, but chances are, you don't! Got questions? Sandy Dumont has answers.

Life will be easy from now on. Get the information and tools you need to turn heads and look fabulous every day.


Color Me Correctly, Please will change your mind about everything you ever thought you knew about color, makeup, and how to dress for success. I had planned to speed read this book but soon realized Sandy’s expertise is so deep that I needed to read it page by page."

Barbara Morris, R. Ph.
Author of “Put Old On Hold”


“After absorbing all the valuable information from your book "Color Me Correctly, Please", I can truly say that it has been a revelation for me to learn that my approach to personal color and wardrobe has been completely wrong since the 1980s. Now I understand why I have been growing increasingly dissatisfied with my appearance.

The reason for my dissatisfaction has now been explained by you!

By following your instructions I was able to see first hand how I look less vibrant in the warmer and/or muted or pastel colors I have been wearing. I learned that what I have been conditioned to believe about the seasonal colors, the personality traits associated with them, and the seasonal design qualities which are transferred to wardrobe style as espoused by the Caygill method, was not a successful way for me to approach my personal color or wardrobe style. I am now a confirmed convert to your system! Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new world of vibrant colors!

I shared your new book "Color Me Correctly, Please" with a good friend and she also commented: "I will never look at color the same again!"

Kathleen Boyd
Premium Parks Property Management
Saratoga,  CA


“Sandy Dumont’s skills and knowledge of color are unsurpassed. “Color Me Correctly, Please” is the only book I’ve seen that has information that is indisputable and works for people of all ages, nationalities and ethnicities. Do yourself a favor and get this book; it will change your life."

Lee Milteer
Entrepreneur - Best Selling Author - Award winning Professional Speaker - TV Personality



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