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“I love, love,love your books! I got them last week and spent the weekend going through them. They are loaded with tidbits of information that I did not find anywhere else. Your work is excellent. Thanks for all you do.”

Marlene Baron
Atlanta, Georgia


NEW: Color Me Correctly, Please!

Color Analysis and Power Dressing That Work! 

This is the book the fashion, makeup and image industry do not want you to read. 

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Classy Casual

Business Casual has been sorely abused.

This eBook will guide you through the mysterious maze of what to wear when you're dressed down.

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Plus Size Power

Size Doesn't Matter - IMPACT Does!

Size truly doesn't matter, impact does. In this book, I'll teach you the tools that can enable you to go from ordinary to head turning fabulous!

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Sun Sign Shopping

Astrology & Fashion
Electronic book by Linda Goodwoman and Sandy Dumont

Wouldn't it be great to know if your natural impulse to wear red all the time is perfectly natural because of your Sun sign? Or that changing your fashion style regularly is just part of your Sun sign's need for variety and not capriciousness?

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Success Simplified by Sandy Dumont

Success Simplified

Simple Solutions Measurable Results

In this book Sandy shares her 30 years experience and outlines how to create a Signature Image and avoid the typical image pitfalls that stifle success for so many.

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Business Casual is Dead, Long Live Classy Casual!

A Guide for Men: Learn The Secret of Making People Like You And Trust You

You will see results immediately when you make the simple changes to your image that Sandy Dumont suggests. Sandy's gallery of techniques will also save you time when shopping and anguish when going to your closet each day. You will no longer have fears or self doubts when you head out the door.

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7 Days to a More Powerful & Magnetic Image

Sandy Dumont's new eBook for men is here at last. In it, you’ll find revolutionary ideas – information that isn’t available anywhere else; and information that takes the confusion out of pulling your wardrobe together. Get ready to change your image and change your life.

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7 Days to a Brand New You: Polishing Your Professional Image

You know someone like this. They always seem to look their best; and you always seem to run into them when you feel that you look your worst. What is their secret? How is it that she always looks polished and worldly whether she's negotiating contracts in the office or negotiating the aisles of a grocery store? What does she know that you don’t?

Find out in Sandy's book "7 Days to a Brand New You: Polishing Your Professional Image"

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Buy 7 Days for WOMEN – Electronic Book $9.97