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"Your Image"
Tips for MEN – Looking More Professional

by Corporate Image Consultant, Sandy Dumont
Tidewater Women/June 2003
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Condensed article.
Rumor has it that lots of men read Tidewater Women. And why not? And since men also want to look better, for this Father’s Day month we honor our male readers with a few image consultant's tips just for them. The rules of color and “line” in clothing are not just for women. When you know you look good, you perform better. Ask any image consultant!

Corporate image consultants today are being contacted by large companies, because they are beginning to recognize that “corporate casual” and "busines casual" dress have many shortcomings. For one, both are difficult to define. Secondly, "business casual" dress is sorely abused.

If you work in a small office where the competition for advancement is minimal, or if you rarely come in contact with the public, a suit and tie may not be necessary. However, when you travel to large, cosmopolitan cities, these tips will come in handy. Even with casual wear, it is possible to have a polished and professional image – as opposed to sloppy and slouchy. It always pays to have a polished and professional image.

Here are Image Consultant's Tips for enhancing your personal and professional image and looking more polished, professional, successful – and attractive:

Seven Tips for A More Successful Image

1. Wear dark suits. Buy the best quality gabardine suit that you can afford. Tan suits are fine in the summer, but pale grey suits should always be avoided.

2. Avoid brown suits in business settings.

3. Unless you have an expert eye, use caution with black suits.

4. Wear ties in bold colors, as opposed to pastels.

5. In high-powered business situations, wear white shirts that are superbly cut and made from the finest cotton. They make your image more powerful.

6. Avoid pastel shirts, like pink and blue.

7. Develop good posture. It is worth a million dollars in terms of image. Stand up straight, take a deep breath and get a “proud chest.” Maintain that posture, but let the shoulders relax a little when you exhale. You will look self assured and successful! TIP: This is the posture you want when your photo is taken.

Sandy Dumont is a corporate image consultant based in Norfolk. Contact her at 757/627-6669. Sandy’s new book “POWER DRESSING FOR MEN, 7 Secrets Guaranteed to Open any Door and Get You on the Fast Track to Success,” will be available on her website this month: Coming soon: “POWER DRESSING FOR WOMEN.”

by Sandy Dumont, THE Image Architect 2003-2005
Originally published in Tidewater Women, June 2003

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