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MARCH  2013 
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HAIR:  Curly, wavy or straight?

Celebrities on the Hollywood red carpet usually go for glamorous waves or lots of curls. 


Psychologically, massive waves or curls can suggest high-maintenance. Curls are also fluffy and scattered, so it can imply subliminally the same about you. 


Straight hair, on the other hand, suggests you get straight to the point and are not complicated. This look is better suited for power looks in the boardroom or elsewhere. 


Nevertheless, hair that's as long as Jennifer Lopez's hair (far right) tends to be perceived as a more casual look. Ultra long hair that is straight is also thought of as teenage hair most often.  


Hair that is naturally curly needs a precision cut  in order to look polished an professional. Then it's on a par with straight hair. 


Based on hair, which woman would you want to:

  1. Represent you in court
  2. Decorate your home
  3. Manage your wealth investments

Make your comments here. 

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