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JUNE  2013 

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EBook for Men and Women
by Linda Goodwoman
 Sandy Dumont
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Color Analysis & Power Dressing That Work.
Revolutionary New Ebook for women by Sandy Dumont


"Color Me Correctly, Please" is Sandy's latest book and the culmination of a lifetime of research into the arena of color, power dressing and color psychology. 
Sandy Dumont's revolutionary ideas about color and color psychology will turn the fashion and image world upside down - and make your life simpler! 
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"Sandy Dumont's skills and knowledge of color are unsurpassed.
Color Me Correctly, Please is the only book I've seen that has information that is indisputable and works for people of all   ages, nationalities and ethnicities.
Do yourself a favor and get this book; it will change your life."
Lee Milteer
Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Award Winning Professional  Speaker, TV Personality, Intuitive Business Manager

Who Owns the Room When He Enters It?
The man on the left is attractive. He is well dressed. In a club setting, he would be positively received. In a formal business setting, he would not command the same credibility or respect as the man on the right.
  • In the grocery store or pharmacy, which man would you defer to if the two of you approached a cashier at the same time?
  • Which man makes more money?  
  • Which man is the boss, and which is the employee? 
  • Which man would you want your daughter to marry?

 Make your comments here. 

Where to see Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect
June 28 & 29  - Stiletto Camp in Norfolk, Virginia. Weekend boot camp for women that is designed to totally transform your image. Become the head-turning person you've always dreamt of being. Limited to four participants, so book early. Info here . 


July 11 - 17 - 
Norfolk, Virginia -  Image Consultant Certification 
& Diploma Course - Join the ranks of certified image consultants and make your mark on the world. This incomparable training happens only four times per year, and it's limited to four students for maximum hands-on learning. Two international students have already booked, so it will be an exciting course! Details about courses at The Impression Strategies Institute. Information and contact Sandy here. 

July 22 - Sandy in Dallas, Texas for one-day makeover workshop. Call for info: 757.627.6669.

August - Stiletto Camp for four women in YOUR city. Pick a weekend. Contact Sandy at 757.627.6669.
Red Winter Berries, White Spring Blossoms

For the first time ever, red berries from winter appeared alongside white spring blossoms on my pyracantha! 
Test Your I.Q. (Image Quotient) 
 Image I.Q.
Make sure to check Sandy's Homepage and Test Your iQ. You can also take a look in the quiz archive and see how much you have learned about Image. 

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