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APRIL  2013 
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Coming Late APRIL 

Because of production delays, my revolutionary book on color and image, "Color Me Correctly, Please",  will be published in late April.  
My team is busy working on versions for all the different readers, and upon completion we'll be ready to launch. 
This book will make everything else in print on the subject obsolete. Will be available at Amazon and on my website.

A Sartorial Word to the Wise


What's Wrong with this Picture?
President, Obama, President Clinton, Prince Albert:  please take note that you've broken one of the most sacred sartorial rules. One of the the main items, shirt/suit/tie, must have a pattern. To wear three solids, is unimaginative, particularly when all three items are in dark shades. 
Of the three men, President Clinton comes the closest to breaking this rule successfully. His exquisite magenta tie definitely sets him apart. With his trio of dark colors, His Majesty, Prince Albert, II, of Monaco, does come across as a little bland. 


President Obama actually looks the least powerful of the three, because he's wearing a pastel tie in baby blue. Not a good idea, unless you're in a situation where you want to come across far less powerful than you are. 


Whoops, that's not all, gentlemen. Trousers should never buckle around the shoes. They may gently break, but never buckle! President Obama and Prince Albert both need to have their trousers shortened a bit.  


When you're in the spotlight, you need to remember that the devil is in the details. 


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April 26 - 29 - Sandy in Dallas and
Houston, Texas and available for corporate workshops or Stiletto Camps. Info here.  Call for information at 757.627.6669.

April 18 - 24 - Norfolk, Virginia - Image Consultant Certification & Diploma Course - Join the ranks of certified image consultants and make your mark on the world. This incomparable training happens only four times per year, and it's limited to four students for maximum hands-on learning. Two international students have already booked, so it will be an exciting course! Details about courses at The Impression Strategies Institute. You can also contact Sandy here. 


May 4 & 5  - Stiletto Camp in Norfolk, Virginia. Weekend boot camp for women that is designed to totally transform your image. Become the head-turning person you've always dreamt of being. Limited to four participants, so book early. Info here . 


May 15, 20, 21 - Sandy in Phoenix, Arizona and available for workshops. Call her for info at 757.627.6669. 

MAY -  Sandy in Oklahoma City, OK for Stiletto Camp. Dates to be determined. Contact her if you are interested. 


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