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Bring a friend to a Stiletto Camp and two come for the price of one! That's a mere  $175 per day, per person! That's why I'm calling it the AMAZING Holiday Sale. Jump in your car, take a train, or use your frequent flyer miles! Get to Sandy's Studio in Virginia this December! 
You can book your Stiletto Camp on December 8 and 9 - but there's only one spot left, since a group of three has already formed. All other weekends are booked! Call Sandy today to reserve your place and book a discounted room at the Marriott.  More info about Stiletto Camps here.
Taylor Swift
Red Lipstick: It's Not Your Age, It's Your Attitude
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift will be 23 on December 13. Too young to wear red lipstick many would say. Red is a state of mind, and that includes red lipstick. It's not how old you are, it's your attitude.


Whether she's portrayed as sultry or sweet, it doesn't matter. 

What matters is that she knows she looks good - and it shows. 

If you're afraid of red lipstick, it also shows. So, gather your courage and go for it this holiday season - like Taylor Swift. You may never return to your blah "old ways." Faded lips are so "last century."


Look at Taylor in the photo to the left. Her eyes look "too dark" - and that's because there isn't balance between the dramatic eyes and her teenage lipstick color. In the other two photos, there is harmony with the red lips and smoky eyes.


Give red lipstick a try and post your feedback and comments here.


Remember : red is a "big city" color, so you need to wear smoky eye makeup or your red lips will dominate. That's the number one reason red lipstick is given a bad rap. You must have total harmony with your look. 

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December 8 & 9 - Stiletto Camp at holiday prices. One spot left. Book now! Contact Sandy for info and reservations: 757.627.6669.


Jan. 26 & 27 - Stiletto Camp in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sandy will show you how to transform your image so dramatically that heads turn and deals close. Limited to four participants. Book now by contacting Sandy at 757.627.6669. 


Jan. 31 - Feb 6 - Norfolk, Virginia - Image Consultant Certification & Diploma Course - Join the ranks of certified image consultants and make your mark on the world. This incomparable training happens only four times per year, and it's limited to four students for maximum hands-on learning potential. NOTE: Contact Sandy
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