Exclusive Interviews with Sandy Dumont, THE Image Architect

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Expert Image Consultant, Sandy Dumont appears on WCTV on the program Thinking Out Loud (TOL).


Expert Image Consultant, Sandy Dumont shows you why she is THE Image Architect.


The Image Architect interviewed on the Thinking Out Loud show for WCTV.



Sandy Dumont , The Image Architect explains her AHA moment that changed her life inside and out.

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International Image Expert Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect on dress-for-success rules during TV talk show.

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SBTV.com: Image Consultant Sandy Dumont interviewed by SBTV.com Headline News about Image Secrets for Professional Women in tough times.


KidTalk: Sandy Dumont, Image Consultant, featured on KID TALK on WAVY TV 10 (NBC). Sandy speaks to Hampton Roads youth about the importance of manners.


WTKR: Expert Image Consultant Sandy Dumont interviewed about the Image of Politicians on Super Tuesday WTKR Channel 3 (CBS).


WTKR Michael Vick Interview: Sandy Dumont, Image Expert, Interviewed on TV Channel 3 (CBS) about Michael Vick's Image.


WVEC Appearance on Wardrobe Planning: Sandy Dumont, Image Consultant, shows TV Channel 13 (ABC) how to Dress for Success.


Sandy Dumont, Image Consultant- Dress to Your Body Size, 13 News (ABC): Sandy gives advice on dressing for body figures.


Sandy featured on Fox News: Sandy Dumont, Expert Image Consultant, interviewed by FOX News about how NASA handled the controversial astronaut love-triangle scandal.


Baby Boomer Makeover: Episode 1 - When it comes to image, the devil is in the details. Get one thing wrong and thats all they notice! Tips galore in this clip.


Baby Boomer Makeover: Episode 2 - You don't know what you don't know. Check this out.


Baby Boomer Makeover: Episode 3 - How valuable is an image consultant? Answer: Priceless. Take a look.


Baby Boomer Makeover: Episode 4 - The Image Architect image consultant’s advice about which colors to wear. Color me correctly please! Click here to get the tip sheet about color mentioned in this video clip.


Baby Boomer Makeover: Episode 5 - Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, discusses more in depth which color a men's suit should be. Do you know?



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