About Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect

More than an Image Consultant...

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, is a sought-after stylist and image consultant in the arena of corporate, political and celebrity image and has spoken to audiences throughout the USA, Europe and Asia.

Sandy is a prolific writer and has published numermous books, eBooks and DVDs. Her books and speaking style empoy psychological insights into how we perceive color, judge wardrobes and incorporate (or don't) social norms into our daily lives. Her works include:

  • Seven Days to a Brand New You (for women)
  • Seven Days to a More Polished & Magnetic Professional Image (for men)
  • Power Dressing Image System for Men
  • Image System for Professional Women
  • Business Casual is Dead – Long Live Classy Casual (for men);
  • Tattletale Looks
  • Makeup Secrets (DVD)
  • Dress to Win - 6-piece boxed set ("Sandy in a Box") designed to improve the image of management and staff

Sandy Dumont is an inspiration to audiences. She learned as a painfully-shy young teenager that she could be empowered by a red dress. The once grey-mouse teen took all her courage and bought a red dress for graduation. When she saw herself in the mirror, she had an epiphany and went to work changing herself. That's when she learned a powerful lesson - that when you change on the outside, people treat you differently, and then you change on the inside. Her experience inspired her to empower others to do the same thing.

While living in Brussels, Belgium, she founded the Impression Strategies Institute®, a school for image consultant training and certification, impression management, image psychology, image consulting, image consultantancy training and certification, wardrobe consulting and Branding for People®. Also while in Brussels, Sandy hosted a weekly radio program.

Sandy Dumont is more than an Image Consultant; she is the leading pioneer in the field of image psychology and impression management and is the acknowledged leader in color and color psychology. She is the founder and president of the World Association of Image Consultants, and Executive Director of the Impression Strategies Institute. Read Sandy's partial client list and a few of Sandy's professional credentials.

Sandy is a former faculty member of the Barbizon School in Washington, D.C., as well as the prestigious Management Center Europe in Brussels. She is credentialed in assertiveness training and has served as president of Professional Women International of Brussels and the Women's International Club of Brussels. She is a founding member of the Professional Speakers Association (U.K.) and a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). Sandy is past President of NSA Virginia, and Past President of the SE Virginia chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO. She consults with individuals and corporations and also conducts corporate and individual image makeover workshops on the subject of impression management and image skills. Sandy is also a keynote speaker at conferences both nationally and in Europe and Asia. She also does online image consultingand image makeovers for individuals and groups.

Sandy Dumont has appeared on radio, TV and in print throughout the world. She was recently featured in a cover story with Money Magazine. In December 2009, she was the recipient of the Women in Business Achievement Award.

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, is MOREthan an Image Consultant.

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