Intensive 2-Day Makeover Workshops
With Serious, Life Changing Results

"Give me two days and I'll transform your image dramatically."
Sandy Dumont

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You have had a strong influence in my life through your Stiletto Camp, our conversations and many articles you have written. I love your approach to image and I am still working on the discipline to do it every day. Thank you for everything.

Pat Crne
Toronto, Canada



€œI was very empowered and energized by your boot camp last month. I revamped my wardrobe with a few new key pieces and have continued to get positive feedback; and I sense an attitude shift both in myself and in others towards me. It seems there i€™s no limit to where a makeover can lead, and I'€™ve been summoned to the corporate headquarters for a fabulous promotion possibility, after rounds of interviews regionally. [Mary Ann got the position!]

Mary Ann Malloy
Virginia Beach, VA



“What a fabulous experience. You were right: the weekend did change my life. Most importantly, I feel fully myself. Additionally, I have gotten so many compliments, and greater respect. And Bill likes my new image too. Amazing!.”

Denise Thompson
Norfolk, VA


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Total Image Makeover Workshop for Individuals

For Personal Image Transformation
. . . Be The You, You Were Meant To Be!

Change your image and you can change your life, because you change how you feel about yourself. Your self esteem soars when you know you look good.

You walk across the room and every head turns. Your confidence soars and you own the room. What would happen to your income if this were you?

You can have an image so dynamic and compelling that when you enter a room everyone wants to know who you are and what you do? You need to put your image in the hands of a recognized EXPERT with a proven track record. Learn why Sandy is a thought leader, not a thought repeater in the field of color and image.

My specialty is changing people's lives (and attitudes) with a one-day Total Image Makeover workshop. This personal image development workshop is designed to transform your appearance from head to toe so you become the person you were meant to be. Your image will be a "10" for every occasion, no matter how casual or how formal the scene.

If you would like to own the room, I will show you how to make it possible. If you would like to command immediate credibility and respect, I'll show you how. If you want to wow the opposite sex, I'll give you the magic formula. The way you look and dress defines who you are not only to others, but to the person in the mirror when you leave the house each morning. You're going to love the new you, and when you walk out the door, you'll know you can conquer the world! Let me be your personal color and image consultant - it will change your life!

Nothing is as important as how you feel. You know if you don't look your best, your confidence plummets and you let opportunities pass you buy…and you lose money! Can you afford to let that happen? With a Total Image Makeover workshop you'll fast forward your business, and be at your best in every situation, knowing you look "at the top of your game." You'll feel fabulous, your new found charisma will open doors and the impact on your bottom line will be dramatic!

How much business have you lost because you lacked the confidence to go for it? And how much is your confidence suffering because you have a nagging feeling you don't look as good as you could? Even worse, you may have unknowingly lost business because your competition looked so much more dynamic and professional than you. Like it or not, we know people do judge a book by its cover (ask any book publisher!) and we sell ourselves short and sabotage our success by looking ordinary instead of extraordinary. We miss the big opportunities that could make our careers soar.

This need not be you. You can achieve the business and life of your dreams with Sandy Dumont. Sandy will take you by the hand and with great sensitivity to your unique individual preferences and needs she will assist you to look as magnificent as you are. She won't give you someone else's look; you'll find your own Signature Image® that communicates exactly who you are before you even say a word. More importantly you'll have the confidence that only looking your best affords, and you'll radiate that and draw new people and opportunities into your world.

If you want the ability to attract business, working with an image consultant isn't an option; it's a must. Whether it's a breakfast event, a meeting with a potential client, a weekend retreat, or a networking event, if you want to look refined, sophisticated , dazzling, ready to meet the public or a client anywhere you cannot afford to not seriously evaluate Sandy's services. Sandy Dumont is an unparalleled image consultant. She's the image consultant's image consultant; she's trained image consultants all over the globe. She's a former high-fashion runway and photo model who has lived, learned and taught all over the world.

Sandy's Never Fail Image System® is easy, comfortable and fun! She'll supervise every step of the process, so that each and every element of your image will be perfect. She'll make you stand out and feel and look your best with styles and colors that will make you irresistibly attractive. You owe it yourself to find out how.


After going to two color consultants and having disastrous results, I bit the bullet and signed up for a workshop with Sandy since she was in my area. What a difference. I get compliments galore, people notice me, my husband loves my new look and wonderful opportunities are coming my way. Read more here.

Martine Sandston
Potomac, Maryland



My clueless lack of style has been a source of shame for all of my adult life. If only I had met you when I first left home in the 1970s, perhaps I would have developed a strong sense of myself. Your bright energy inspired me to try anew. Thank you for sharing your skill and knowledge, your intelligent convictions about the science of color and skin tone, your warmly generous personality. I read the "7 Days" eBook it's terrific!

Helen Murrow



“Sandy not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. Her knowledge is vast. In a few short hours, she taught me the colors, styles and looks to use to ensure my outward impression is in sync with the me I feel self-confident, powerful, enthusiastic and energetic. Shopping afterwards was nothing short of revolutionary. With Sandy's expert guidance, I could look at varying styles and colors and see that many of my cherished certitudes about what would or would not be flattering needed to be overturned. Since then I've already saved lots of time and money on shopping expeditions. I heartedly recommend Sandy for a first-class and thorough image evaluation and update”

Entrepreneur, Female, 50s
London, England



“The combinations you put together are amazing. I can’t believe these are the same clothes - I love the way you connected the jacket and tops with the jewelry. Now I have outfits that I’m really excited about. It’s like I got an entire new wardrobe without spending any money.”

Pam Lontos, President
PR/PR Public Relations
Orlando, Florida



“My session with Sandy was even better than I had expected! She is so knowledgeable and her advice about color, clothes, makeup, accessories and the total package one presents was extremely valuable. Knowing how to look better is a real confidence builder.It has been nearly a year since I have been using her suggestions and they give me the tools to look and feel my best. I have recommended her to many friends and business associates.”

Mary Lou Nexson
City Attorney
Norfolk, VA


Here's the technical part

This workshop is designed to enable you to unearth the real you that you were born to be — by peeling away layers of habit. Most of us choose colors and styles from habit, and also from the "heart and soul" and usually NOT from the results in the mirror. My clients report that their lives change after a makeover session. My greatest mission is to enable you to have ownership of your image.

Workshops are not about me telling you what to wear. That's what happens on all those TV makeover shows. Then they leave, and you go back to your comfort zone because you weren't involved in the process of change.

Without involvement and education, there is no "buy-in" so you feel like you are wearing "what Sandy told you to wear" instead of what you KNOW you can wear.

My workshops are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (or longer, depending on how many garments you bring to the workshop for feedback and evaluation at the end I advise you to bring as many clothes as you like). Workshops are always held for two people because you learn from seeing another person go through the process of unpeeling layers of habit and usually resisting and believing that they are the "one exception" and can truly wear the colors they are used to.

There is a clothing evaluation at the end of the workshop that enables you to apply what you have learned so that it is truly "your" tool. I have seen that if people go home and look in their closets, most panic and go back to their comfort zone, which means they wear colors or styles they shouldn't. Immediate hands-on application and reinforcement are necessary.

This workshop addresses shirt, tie and suit combinations for men. If your tie could talk, it would say everything about you, including your socioeconomic background. Sandy will show you an array of power ties and also show you how to put together perfect shirt, tie and suit combinations. You'll get endless ideas for casual looks also; and you'll receive a copy of Sandy's eBook "Business Casual is Dead, Long Live Classy Casual."

In addition to all the image skills you will learn, this workshop enables women to find their correct makeup colors - the ones that say "perfect skin" instead of "perfect makeup." This will usually enable you to look at least ten years younger. During the workshop, you'll be able to try on an array of accessories; you'll discover the ones that will make a powerful statement about who you are.

The workshop also addresses hairstyle and hair color. You will be amazed at the dramatic difference an updated hairstyle will make. Most women have a dated hairstyle, which undermines everything else that may be positive about their image. With Sandy's guidance, you'll discover the perfect style for your face shape and your lifestyle. You'll leave with photos to present to your hairdresser, or you can make arrangements for Sandy to go with you to the hairdresser so you know you will get the results you want in terms of both color and style.

If you wear glasses, Sandy will make certain they are in the right style for your particular face shape and profession. The wrong style glasses are aging; they can also make you appear less dynamic and attractive.

And, of course, you will also receive your own personal swatches in an attractive "wallet" for future shopping guidance. You'll have every tool that is pertinent to YOU!

Let me show you what I can do.You will be amazed. Or if you're ready, sign up today for your Total Image Makeover workshop. Let me show you the possibilities. You'll be astounded by what we can do together. Please call me and accept my offer of a free consultation.

Sandy Dumont
International: 001.757.627.6669
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Don't wait to contact me, your first step on the way to greater success is just a phone call or email away! Please call me for a free phone consultation. I am eager to advise you and make today the day you start looking and feeling fabulous beyond words! I'll get to know you, we'll probably laugh a bit and I'll share information you need now in order to get the necessary information to make a good decision about what you need to do to dazzle clients and prospects, feel your best, and boost your income. In your very first free consultation I'll address your specific challenges and strategize on just what you need to do to get a breakthrough so you open the door to new possibilities. We'll take an inventory of where you are not getting the wows…yet; and we'll pinpoint what approach is appropriate for you. When our time is up you'll understand exactly how I can help you and if a Total Image Makeover workshop is a step you want to take right now! Just email or call me now; or fill out the questionnaire below and send it to me and let's get you started!

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Purchase this workshop today and receive a FREE copy of Sandy Dumont's full-color e-book containing everything you need to know about acquiring and maintaining a successful image.



“Sandy Dumont educated me about color, fabrics, and pattern combinations that were both good and bad for my complexion, body type and persona. A few months later when getting ready for work one morning, I went to the closet to grab something to put on but then decided to look at my appointment schedule for the day before deciding what to wear. That had certainly never happened before, and I realized just how much I had learned from Sandy and how strategic I had become in my dress. Over the years since that time, I have noticed that when I enter the room as a presenter, I get immediate respect from the audience, helping me make my points on leadership stick that much better and last that much longer. ”

Tom Davidson, SPHR, PCC
Executive Coach | Speaker | Author


"Thanks to Sandy, I discovered that I wasn't an Autumn, as another image consultant told me years ago.

I saw for myself that I looked "good but not great" in Autumn colors. When I returned to the office with my new look, heads turned and people nearly fell out of their chairs. Compliments poured in. I look younger and more dynamic and I also feel more secure and confident. My personal clients have already noticed and provided wonderful feedback. No more wrong or plain vanilla colors for me. I want the world to know I am around! I guess you could say - thanks to Sandy - I'm hooked on color! "

Jill Redfern RN, CNHP
Women's Health Advantage
Los Angeles, California



“After the workshop I stopped at the mall to pick up mascara and lipstick, and I also wore the new necklace and earrings. I had better service and attention from sales people at the mall than I can ever remember! ”

Nancy Huyck
Orlando, Florida