Plus Size Power

Size Doesn't Matter - IMPACT Does!

Almost every client who has ever come to me has something about their body that they dislike. When you are embarrassed about something, it is natural to want to hide it. The thing is, there is nothing to be embarrassed about! Because we all have things about ourselves we want to change, fix, or hide. You don’t even have to be overweight for this to be true.
No matter what size is on the label, the strategy is the same. I use a technically-based approach to create visual harmony, allowing your figure to “balance out”. When everything is in balance, or in proportion, then nothing is obvious or stands out. We accentuate the positive by learning how to camouflage, not to cover up!
Then we use the RIGHT makeup, flattering colors, a fabulous new hairstyle and power accessories, to create an image that conveys confidence. Not only will people around you take notice, you will begin to see yourself in a whole new way! So embrace your curves! Step into a whole new you! It’s your turn to feel as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside!


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