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“Your Webinars are absolutely fantastic! You are incredibly talented, and you are really THE expert to go to!... Thank you again for enriching so many people's lives.”

Helena Nyman
Success/Executive Coach, Speaker & Author
Mineral, VA
It's no secret that Sandy Dumont offers the very best information on image and fashion around. Simply stated, she has been in the business of transforming personal images and attitudes for over 30 years, so image is her specialty! Webinars

Next live Webinar: in SEPTEMBER! Your Image Architect takes off during July and August. Below is an example of a recent webinar that is passed.

"Look 10 Years Younger, 10 Pounds Slimmer"

Yes, all without surgery and without diet! Join Sandy and hear all about it!

The Image Architect will show you the answer to:

  • Do you know which colors make you look older?
  • And which ones enable you to look younger?
  • Do you know how to dress so you look taller and thinner?

Date: To be advised
Time: 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Duration: 45 minutes (followed by Q&A time)
Cost: $37

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We've Upgrade Our Webinars...

At THE Image Architect our total commitment to delivering the best possible information on image in a format that is accessible to our clients worldwide, has presented us with a unique challenge. So, we've decided to upgrade our webinar services and to offer a package that is a change for the better.

These days, when every dollar counts it's good to know that the time spent with Sandy will be packed with information that you can apply towards improving your image, thus enhancing your life in every way. You can't lose!

You are the one who benefits from her monthly webinar subscription series. We're offering a regular date (the third Monday of each month) dedicated solely to enhancing your image education, and we're discounting the price of admission when you enroll as a subscribing participant.

When you subscribe today you save 22% with the monthly payment plan. You will be billed $29 monthly for each webinar. That is like saving a total of $96 per year or $8 per monthly session.

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OR you can save 35% when you subscribe for the full year (that is: all webinars during 12 consecutive months) in advance. Your credit card will be conveniently billed $289 for the subscription. You will save $155 for the entire year and save even more! It is like getting 4 webinars FREE!

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You can still register to attend webinars at the full retail price of $37 per person, but why pay full price when you can subscribe today and save?

Instructions will be emailed to you via PDF attachment. You will not be able to view the webinar at this website. Please be sure to read through all instructions thoroughly.

Did you know that if you are an international customer, you can participate at no additional cost? It's true! Just sign up for the webinar, dial in with the instructions that you receive by email, and select the VoIP (Voice over IP) option. You will be able to hear the webinar on your computer without paying long-distance fees to participate! This is just one of the many upgrades that we have made for our loyal customers.