The way you look and dress announces the outcome other people can expect from you.


Image doesn’t cost, it pays.


We judge ourselves by how we feel inside, while others judge us by what they see on the outside.


A powerful image begins with knowledge of image skills.


To be perceived as extraordinary, you must look extraordinary.


When you know for a certainty that you look good, you feel good, and that is ultimate confidence.


You CAN make a fresh first impression when you present a “New You.”


The way you look announces how you feel about yourself and you’ll be treated accordingly.


If your image isn’t on a par with your resume, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your career.


There are only two reasons we don’t Dress to Impress:  ignorance and laziness.


Your attitude is reflected in the way you look.  Get into the habit of looking good.


The way you dress defines who you are not only to others, but to the person in the mirror when you leave the house each morning.


You’ve changed; your resume has changed; has your image?


Corporate Casual kills careers.


You don’t need a crystal ball to predict your future;  your image does it.


You want to be remembered, but not for the wrong thing.


When it comes to image, make a statement, not a mistake.


Look like a winner, not an Also Ran.


Dress for immediate credibility and success will follow.


When you change on the outside, people treat you differently; and then you change on the inside.


There aren’t any unattractive people, only those who haven’t learned to look attractive.


We judge a book by its cover because we aren’t psychic.


Unless you're psychic, it could be helpful to judge a book by its cover.