Image Consultant Certification

by Sandy Dumont

Image consultant certification
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Image Consultant Certification

At the Impression Strategies Institute, you will be able to earn a diploma as a Certified Total Image Consultant. Your image consultant certification will enable you to be an expert in every element of image from head to toe: Color, color psychology, hair, makeup, accessories, comportment, personal shopping, closet audit and revamping, and body language.

Color analysis cannot be learned online or via mail-order courses. It can only be mastered by “hands on” studies with real models. The same is true for choosing the correct makeup colors for your clients. Some of the “background” components of these two important elements can be taught online in advance of the course.

At the Impression Strategies Institute, your image consultant certification course is divided into two parts:

Part One is the online part of the certification. This part can be taken at your own pace, in your home, on your computer.  There are eight Training Manuals for women that you must read and study; and seven Training Manuals for the men’s portion. In addition, you will receive numerous DVDs, videos and Power Point presentations to watch. Once you have studied all the materials, you must take an online exam and pass it before you can proceed with Part Two.

Part Two is all hands-on and deals mainly with color. Color and its techniques cannot be taught online. You must see and practice on a variety of live models to learn how to choose the correct makeup, hair and clothing colors.  This part of the course happens only at the Impression Strategies Institute in Norfolk, VA. It is taught during seven consecutive days - including one week-end. This portion is given four times per year. You can start and complete Part One anytime. Then, you can choose to participate in a Part Two course that fits you best.