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Site tools site tools are located on the upper right corner of each page, they help you to store, print, and share contents on the site, each function is explained below:

PDF iconThe PDF will generate a PDF document for the current page, PDF documents can be viewed by Adobe Reader, you can get it here

Print iconThe print icon will generate a printable version of the page, after you click the print icon, a pop-up window will open, click the print icon in the upper right corner of the pop-up screen to print the document. (See example below)

Print example

Email icon The email icon allows you to send/share the current page you are viewing to a friend.


The breadcrumb is the link showing your current location in the website, you can use it to navigate backwards. (See example below)

Breadcrumb example


Sitemap is the overview of the website, use it to find a specific page you are looking for if you cannot find it in other menus.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are automatically updated contents on the website, for example, news headlines, press releases, etc. You will find the RSS icon RSS icon throughout the site and you can subscribe to each RSS feed by using various programs. For more information on RSS feeds, please visit here

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