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If you found that McDonald's used unclean fryers in their stores, would it affect how you considered their operation as a whole?  Would you assume their disregard in one area indicated a disregard in other areas as well?  Your image, without exception, must convey "I am state-of-the art!"  If one element of your image is out of sync with the rest, you will lose all credibility. 

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Title Created Date
The Devil is in the Details 06 December 2005
Get Your Foot in the Door 07 November 2005
The Power of Hair 05 October 2005
Don't Let Your Brand Down 06 September 2005
"Picture Perfect" Image 02 August 2005
Fast Track Image 06 July 2005
Go For Overall Impression 07 June 2005
Dressing for Your Job 03 May 2005
Dress Up Not Down 05 April 2005