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Do you have it?

If you are a corporate executive with big aspirations, image is the one tool that gives you the edge to leave the competition in the dust. When you look good, you feel good.

Best of all, when you KNOW you look better
than anyone else in the room,
in your "tribe" or in your sphere of influence,
you soar.
You're ready to conquer the world.


How do you know when you look that good? You'll know it by the way you're treated. Heads turn when you enter a room. You're accorded immediate credibility and respect. You receive deferential treatment. Doors open magically for you.

Is there a secret for looking so good you literally mesmerize everyone and own the room? Yes, and Sandy Dumont has it. She is a former high-fashion runway and photo model. She's worked with top designers in the US and Europe, and they shared their secrets with her. She's lived on both coasts of the US and has lived in or traveled regularly to the top capitols of the world: London. Brussels, Rome, Paris. She knows style like no one else.

Having style, incidentally, isn't the same as "being in style." Being in style sometimes produces fashion victims. Style is a natural confidence and "class" that comes from vast knowledge, a razor sharp eye and a natural elegance. It has been said that it's something you're born with. Some describe it as an "old money" look, and very few people know how to achieve this look. They know it when they see it, but they can't tell you how to attain it. It seems to be something a person is born with.

Maybe not.

Sandy Dumont has taught women who are corporate executives how to look as polished as they are powerful and as classy as they are competent. The one thing they all learned?

You must own your image.


Sandy doesn't tell you what to wear. She shares her knowledge and her secrets with you, so you know what it takes to look like a million every day. You know precisely what to wear for every occasion. Whether you're at the airport, a board meeting, calling on important clients or attending a weekend retreat, you own the room and it feels good! Very good.
weekend retreat, you own the room and it feels good! Very good.



“You were right, Sandy. The image workshop did change my life. My income increased dramatically and I've noticed that even people who don't know me accord me immediate credibility and respect.”

Patricia Raymond M.D.



“After our session, I immediately sensed an attitude shift both in myself and in others towards me. It seems there's no limit to where a makeover can lead, because I just got a fabulous promotion and the position of my dreams.”

Mary Ann Malloy



“I hired Sandy Dumont because I knew I would be on a whirlwind tour of the country in connection with my new book “Thank God It’s Monday” and I wanted to look my best for TV in particular. I thought it would be slightly helpful because I thought I knew what I was doing after having worked with several image consultants over the years. Now, when I see the difference, I realize I couldn’t afford NOT to have her by my side for more than just television.

In a world where so many over promise and under deliver, Sandy stands out as someone who is indispensible and does FAR more than promised. An important investment for any speaker or executive who wants to be taken seriously. She’s delightful and very gifted. I’m singing her praises from the mountain tops to everyone I know .”

Roxanne Emmerich, CSP, CMC, CPAE
Speaker, Entrepreneur, Best-selling author of "Thank God It's Monday"



For more information about the options available for your own image makeover, and a free telephone consultation, contact Sandy at 757.627.6669.