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Clients Rave About Sandy Dumont

Watch some testimonials after a mini-makeover session during a recent convention.

“Color Me Correctly, Please” will change your mind about everything you ever thought you knew about color, makeup, and how to dress for success. I had planned to speed read this book but soon realized Sandy’s expertise is so deep that I needed to read it page by page.

Barbara Morris, R. Ph.
Author of “Put Old On Hold”

Sandy Dumont was back at this summer's eWomenNetwork's 9th Annual Conference by popular demand. Even two of the Hollywood panelists were in her session to 'sharpen' their images before their own Break Out Sessions! Sandy kept a packed audience spell-bound with her architectural approach to making a statement with your appearance wherever you go. Where she went at the conference, she had a line of students following her 'just one more insight'.

Susan Wight
Executive Managing Director
eWomen Network

Yesterday Sandy Dumont spoke at our monthly meeting and wowed us all. She is a gifted, energetic speaker who involves the entire audience, addressing not only how to dress for success but how to present yourself successfully, thereby improving self-image. I'm recommending that she speak at our national convention.

W. Scott Davis
President, Hampton Roads Chapter
Financial Planners Association, Chesapeake, VA

It will be one year this Friday, December 11th, 2009 since you Sandy, and the IT Factor Job Club helped give me the push and the confidence I needed to begin my own business.

Deb Gorham
Founder & President Virtual Reality

I became interested in what you said you could do for me, because I was looking for a way to make a positive change that would reflect in my business. I needed to be able to stand out around my business partner, who naturally draws the attention due to his stature. I was looking to get a higher level of respect from my employees.

All of the above were attained, and then some. Quite a few of the clients have changed their behavior towards me. The employees are behaving differently. I am being heard better than before. Quite a few people have said I look quite a bit younger with the new look. I feel as if I've had an attitude change to go along with the new look, which has helped to contribute to the great response I've received. I couldn't be happier and would recommend your services.

Carol Cooper, President
Universal Laboratories

I have spent a lot of money on makeup and clothes to fulfill my dual roles as physician and public speaker, even keeping a recent makeover appointment where I spent $140 for a new set of colors. However, I didn't get it. You need a conductor, someone to lead the orchestra of yourself...your hair, makeup, jewelry, and clothes must all play harmoniously and cohesively to project the image of your soul.

Sandy is like a fee-only financial advisor. She has no product to sell you except a cohesive self image. She has no commission on selling you more stuff. She charges a fee for her work, and thus saves you a mint on clothes that aren't quite right and don't leave your closet, on makeup that is not as great as it could be, on accessories that just miss the boat. Save yourself the angst of not understanding why your message is not clearly understood. My investment in an image consultation by Sandy Dumont of THE Image Architect will pay me dividends for years to come.

Patricia L. Raymond, M.D.

I want to express my gratitude for the image workshop you presented to my employees. It was money well spent!

I contacted you because I wanted to make certain the appearance of my employees consistently matched the caliber of my firm. This goal was achieved. Everyone looks polished and professional. My employees are as happy as I am with the results, and their confidence has increased.

Anthony Jernigan, CLU, ChFC, REBC
The Pinnacle Group

I recently attended a Branding for People™workshop given by Sandy Dumont and had expected to be told merely the colors and styles that were good for me - I expected a color analysis. Instead, during the workshop, I learned far more than I ever expected.

In short, the workshop was an education. Ms. Dumont did not just tell me what colors were my color, she took the time to educate me about color, color psychology and much more. I learned that the pattern in a tie is often as important as its color, and that each pattern sends out a different message. I especially appreciated the hands-on portion of the workshop where I got to see different suits, shirts and ties.

Barry Benzing
Attorney, Benzing & Associates

As a Professional Speaker, author and executive coach my image is a very important aspect for being taken seriously in the business world. I had a personal session with Sandy and learned so many up to date ways to look better and younger.

She had promised me I would look ten years younger and she was right!

Sandy assisted me to update and change my makeup and wear the colors that flatter my skin. I certainly look and feel better. It's clear in our society that first impressions are very important. I would recommend to anyone who wants to update their look to use her very professional services.

Lee Milteer
Professional Speaker, Executive Coach & Author

Thanks again for the stimulating and informative personal image workshop. You really opened my eyes to the power of color and the importance of creating a dynamic look.

I was especially pleased with your visit to my home for our 'closet session.' After the branding workshop, I was convinced that I had a closet full of hopelessly wrong clothing. Your instructions about how I can 'save' my large selection of brown sports coats was particularly valuable. In addition, you gave me very easy-to-understand guidelines for matching shirts, ties and suits that I use every day.

While the branding workshop was great, the home closet session really helped me put it all together. Now I walk out of the house confident that I look dynamic and that I'm not visually contradicting the message I want to convey.

Mark S. Fulton, President

What a fabulous presentation! On behalf of the Board of Directors of Old Dominion Fashion Exhibitors, we would like to thank you for your terrific workshop. Our clients were thanking us all day for sponsoring you at the fashion trade show.

Your approach to creating a professional image (a somewhat sensitive subject for many retailers) was very enthusiastically embraced by the participants. We are already being asked, 'When can we have Sandy Dumont back to spend more time with us?' They are hungry for your advice

Margie Johnson
Owner, Shop Talk

As a Management Consult, looking my best if very important to me as I am in front of many different people each day.

I wanted to learn more about image and more specifically, the use of color. I tended to stick with safe colors and wanted to try something different. You have a very keen eye for color and can relay your assessment of what you see in a very effective manner. You are very knowledgeable about color and other image tools and presented them to me in a way that was easy to understand and not threatening. You sought to understand my profession, the image that I needed to convey, while giving consideration to where I currently was in relation to that image.

Wendy Howard
Atlantic Consulting Group

I was thrilled with the way Sandy demonstrated the colors (nothing like Color Me Beautiful). I had always assumed that you needed lots of expensive makeup and had to spend hours putting it on. Sandy showed me that this is not true. I was able to see the results, and I did not look 'made up' but natural. Sandy showed me the difference - did not tell me, but let me see the difference.

Since then, I have used Sandy's advice and have been a different person. I feel good about myself. Not a day passes without someone saying, 'What are you doing? You look great!' 'You look younger!' 'Have you lost weight?'

One day in my life changed my attitude, my appearance and my energy level! I have to give the credit to Sandy Dumont.

Betty Perkins,
Vice President & Managing Broker
Long & Foster Realtors

Thank you very much for coaching and training our on-camera TV journalists, as well as the staff of makeup artists for BRT. Everyone was extremely pleased with your work, and your expertise was obvious. Compliments continue to pour in.

Ghislaine Nuytten,
TV & Radio Fashion Journalist
BRT - Belgian National Television

I wanted to drop you a quick note to express my thanks to you for the very informative sessions. I was looking to upgrade the image I projected to clients and centers of influence and get back to more of a business look (versus the casual look). The sessions worked wonders. I now have a better understanding of which colors 'wash me out' and which colors add to my appearance. I have been recently shopping for my fall wardrobe and have been very careful to follow your advice.

William J. Dungan Jr. CFP, CEBS
USI Southeast

It was important to work with someone who lived what she preached and who was knowledgeable and professional. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sandy. Not only is she a credit to her profession, she is also genuinely interested in every client. I highly recommend her.

Marlene Pagley-Waldock
Host of New Jersey Business on TV News 12, and
President of 1st Impression Communications

Since attending your workshop one year ago and having a few follow-up wardrobe sessions with you, my income has increased rather dramatically. I have been in real estate sales for 20 years, and I earned more during the past year than I have ever earned before! I am certain it is thanks to the 'image skills' I learned with you. I sense that I have immediate credibility and that clients trust me and respect me. This gives me greater self confidence, I am actually much more productive as well.

Wendy J. Lucas
Real Estate Sales

Sandy is an artist turned image consultant with a take on color that flies in the face of the entire cosmetic and fashion industry. I had a day-long consultation with her and I am seeing color with brand new and very educated eyes. I highly recommend that you meet her. I think she is a great resource for all who would like to benefit from an educated understanding of color and how it works on their skin.

Sherry Elizabeth Balcar, MS
Stress Management Consultant

Visiting Sandy was enlightening and exciting. I was given a lot of food for thought about clothing and make-up.
The most significant thing I learned was that clothes reflect power and that your choice of dress certainly can affect your success.

I have been experimenting with these new concepts and have received many compliments from people I interact with both socially and professionally. I feel that I'm in control of my image when I wear my new colors.

My time was well spent with Sandy Dumont. She is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic in her presentation. I would happily recommend her to any professional woman.

Catherine Oden Fulton, DDS

Thank you for the tremendous guidance your program has given me. Your session taught me that I should wear the colors that enhance what nature gave, rather than purchasing clothing and makeup just because I liked the color. I assumed it was my body chemistry and age that made me look tired or washed out. I now know that applying more lipstick or cheek coloring wasn't the answer to creating the healthy glow I desired. My skin has never looked better and I've never received so many compliments.

I also have more confidence in my professional and personal appearance after having been educated by your methods. I am saving money because I am aware of the colors that enhance me and make me feel pretty and energetic. The friends I have sent to you are also singing your praises.

Candice Womack Dettloff, CLU, LUTCF
Individual & Group Financial Services

Thank you very much for the informative and professional sessions you gave our staff on color and image. We learned that image is a powerful tool, and that it can be put to use immediately. There is no doubt that the self esteem our employees gained from your course will make them more effective employees.

Carine Suenens,
Director Sales & Marketing, Hotel Le Meridien Brussels

I wanted to say a proper thank you for all the time and trouble you took yesterday. I learned some very valuable tips, and I will be able to give just the right impression of confidence trustworthiness, compassion and all those other desirable qualities!

Sally, Baroness
Member British House of Lords

As an attorney, I know that you have to dress tastefully and properly to present a good professional and competent appearance. I once had an occasion to meet with a banker, who dressed in casual clothes, and it detracted from his competency as a banker.

Andy Pendance,
Attorney, New Orleans, Louisiana

Your presentation at the eWomen Network conference in Dallas last week was worth the entire price of admission. You showed live examples that we could see with our own eyes how a slight colour change is like an instant facelift. Instead of looking good - look great! And you convinced me to change my image dramatically, because I now see the power it will give me to have my message heard.

Kim Switnicki, ACC, ECPC
Sex Educator, Author, Speaker & Coach

Thought you might be interested to know your image advice paid off yet again this week.
Several of us junior MBA students were invited to lunch at the conference center to meet our guests of honor, the 20 business leaders who were newly enrolled in the university's Executive MBA program. The Executive MBA director grandly introduced the dean and the faculty in attendance, then recognized me as well: And this is..., he paused, since neither one of us knew the other. MBA student, I finished, rather baffled. He stopped by my table afterward: I just assumed you were a professor since you were so well dressed.

Thanks again for your guidance!

Martha Gross
MBA Student, Virginia Tech

The consultation was fabulous and worth every bit. The changes I've made came at the perfect time because I have been meeting various departmental managers. The City Auditor is pleased with the way I represent him at meetings.!

Timothy Bell
The City of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach VA

When I got off the plane from a 24-hour flight people noticed me right away! You look fantastic!! I never see any one get off the plane looking like you!!

I am so grateful to have you as my mentor and coach!

Julie Davis
Image Coach, Gold Coast, Australia

Sandy Dumont's diploma course provides the true hands-on lab for students to learn how to work with clients from beginning to end. I no longer fear color! I feel competent and confident! In her diploma course, Sandy taught me her totally unique color system. She empowered me to help future clients to find their true best seasonal color category with logic and reason without ever sabotaging their true persona- which is the true test of any image consultant!

Bonnie Rogers
Image Consultant, Charlottesville, Virginia

This past spring I purchased your eBook for men and it certainly opened my eyes. After a wardrobe retool, I routinely get compliments. If you watch the show Damages you would be aghast. Hollywood can really lead us astray. Knowing what I know now, I simply cannot rectify the outfits the male actors are wearing, portraying legal power players (and a billionaire). As the episodes go on, the outfits get more outlandish.
Thank you again for all that you do for all of us fashion challenged people!

Chris Stuart
Vice President, Client Relations & Business Development

Sandy's insights will revolutionize what you know about style, color and personal power! She has the eye, the wisdom and the heart to transform your image and your enhance your success!!

Glenna Salsbury, CSP,CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame
Author of The Art of The Fresh Start


Partial Client List of U.S. & International Companies

  • American Express Financial Services
  • Association of Government Accountants
  • Association of Realtors
  • Goodman & Company
  • New York Life Insurance Company
  • Long & Foster Realtors
  • Rolex
  • ITT
  • Honeywell
  • KMPG
  • Towne Bank
  • Harvard
  • American Heart Association
  • TWA
  • CBN-TV
  • Belgian Radio & Television (BRT)
  • TV Brussels
  • The Pinnacle Group
  • Mitre Corporation
  • Sheraton Hotels
  • Hotel Meridien
  • Yves St. Laurent Cosmetics
  • Lancome
  • General Cosmetics of Holland
  • Mobistar French Telecom
  • Old Dominion University
  • US Navy
  • US Air Force
  • US Embassy of Brussels
  • ... and hundreds of satisfied private individuals

Some of Sandy Dumont's Professional Credentials

  • Lectured and coached extensively in the U.S. and Europe
  • Hosted a weekly radio program in Belgium
  • Served as a faculty member of the Barbizon (Fashion) School
  • Credentialed in assertiveness training
  • Columnist and author of seven books on the subject of image
  • Former high-fashion runway and photo model
  • Graduate of the John Robert Powers Fashion & Finishing School in Washington, D.C.
  • Served as a faculty member of Management Center Europe in Brussels
  • Member of the National Speakers Association
  • Founding Member of Professional Speakers Association, London
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