Keynote Presentations Inspire Audiences

... To Change their Image and Their Attitude

Sandy Dumont has a proven track record. Her keynotes inspire audiences to make powerful changes as they experience the ultimate life-changing image makeover experience.  The audience leaves with an entirely new perspective about image and a newfound desire to personally leave the competition in the dust. Sandy's keynotes are interactive, so they enable participants to "buy in" to new thinking as they see dramatic and powerful changes before their eyes.

Sandy's keynotes can be tailored for CEOs, managers or for the entire staff. She has keynotes for all-male and all-female audiences as well. They are appropriate for weekend retreats or yearly conventions. Whether you want to get rid of "corporate casualty" or inspire your staff to outclass the competition, Sandy has the workshop to accomplish your goals. Image doesn't cost, it pays!


“At the Women For Hire recruiting events, Sandy Dumont provided phenomenal advice to dozens of working women who eagerly sought her counsel on how best to update their career look. She's enthusiastic, engaging and has an exceptional eye for color and detail -- all of which gives any professional that must-have edge in this competitive market”

Tory Johnson
CEO of Women for Hire


Sandy Dumont was one of 9 speakers chosen from among hundreds of professional speakers to present at the yearly conference of the National Speakers Association (NSA) - at the "20-20 Lightening Rounds." Each speaker has 6 minutes, with 20 slides that pop up automatically every 20 seconds! It's only for the brave! Click on the image above to open the video screen...

Change Your Image, Change Your Life

This keynote is tailored to suit the audience. The way you look and dress announces the outcome other people can expect from you. In this stressful economy, clients want to know that you’ll go the extra mile for them. Your image needs to announce that you are a dynamic go-getter who will make their dreams come true. You’ll learn the secrets for making a powerful impact on others at a single glance. You’ll witness powerful makeovers of real clients in a multi-media presentation. Demos with volunteers from the audience will astound and motivate changes. You’ll leave with the  awareness that it’s important to dress to impress in order to be the person or the firm who  leaves the competition in the dust. This is a lively and invigorating keynote that can truly change your life and your bottom line.

Is Your Image Powerful Enough?

This keynote is geared for professional women. In the interactive multi-media presentation, Sandy Dumont utilizes her 30 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies to "show and tell" how one's professional appearance can either make or break careers. When it comes to image, the devil is in the details. Get one thing wrong, and that's all they remember. Women have more image components that can go wrong than men, so they need their own specialized workshop! Fashion designers and fashion "experts" often design clothing that makes women look absolutely powerless, or like "miniature men." Sandy shares her secrets for owning the room and commanding respect. When it comes to image, results rule — and Sandy gets results!


“Sandy Dumont was back at this summer’s eWomenNetwork’s 9th Annual Conference by popular demand. She kept a packed audience spell-bound with her architectural approach to making a statement with your appearance wherever you go. Everywhere she went at the conference, she had a line of students following her for ‘just one more insight”   

Susan Wright
Executive Managing Director
eWomenNetwork, Inc
Dallas, TX


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