Hands-On Breakout Sessions That Change Lives

If "business casualty" has taken its toll on your firm's image and profits, Sandy has the solution. She will take your employees' images to a more professional level because she knows how to get employees to buy into change and love it. The chemistry and atmosphere of your office will be transformed in the process!

Branding For People®

This session is geared for managers. Designed for those who are already successful but who want to establish their personal Signature Image™. This workshop ensures an image that makes a powerful statement and conveys at a glance that you are an expert who is highly credible and head and shoulders above the competition. This is a hands-on workshop with lots of demos and 3-minute dramatic makeovers.

Your Image and Your Success

This session is geared for employees. Ensures that the image of participants reflects the caliber of their products or services. Sandy Dumont demonstrates her trademarked Boomerang Effect® based on the latest university findings that prove the way your employees look impacts the attitude and the productivity of those they work with. Teaches basic image skills, including grooming. Increases pride and confidence through the appearance — which ultimately increases productivity. This is an interactive workshop that has participants involved, invigorated and smiling. Hands-on demos and dramatic 3-minute makeovers.

Snippet of a 3-minute makeover for women
Snippet of a 3-minute makeover for men


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