7 Days to a More Powerful & Magnetic Image

Sandy Dumont's new eBook for men is here at last. In it, you’ll find revolutionary ideas – information that isn’t available anywhere else; and information that takes the confusionout of pulling your wardrobe together. Get ready to change your image and change your life.

Whether you're a CEO or on your way to becoming one, Sandy will show you how to capture the essence of classic men's style, giving you the confidence to dress to impress – and for success. Sandy has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and their staff. She's helped politicians, celebrities and VIPs – and now she's ready to help YOU to:

  • Turn heads and close deals!
  • Wow others!
  • Garner immediately credibility and respect!

Exclusive Information from a Renowned Expert

You might expect to pay hundreds of dollars for the kind of exclusive information you'll get from Sandy Dumont in her latest eBook for men. You'd also have to travel to her studio in Virginia. But now, you can learn the secrets that Sandy has shared with her clients for a fraction of the cost. Get your print copy for the incredible price of $27.

"I didn’t realize how critically important the information in your e-book 7 Days for Men was until I began to apply it. I immediately experienced people reacting differently to me, with more respect, openness, and trust. Now I understand why some people had accused me of looking “slick” or “untrustworthy.” I feel more confident knowing that people will not be focusing on what I have to say instead of what I am wearing. The return I see from the small investment I made in your book is enormous. Thank you for turning a subject I had previously found so confusing and complex into something so clear and simple!"

Mark Michael Lewis, CEO
Smart Energy Enterprises
Benicia, CA


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