7 Days to a Brand New You: Polishing Your Professional Image

Business Casual is Dead, Long Live Classy Casual! - Sandy Dumont

Don’t purchase this book if you’re a fashionista. It isn’t for women whose goal is to always be “in fashion” because what’s in fashion may not enable you to command respect, increase your credibility and close deals.

Today’s woman is negotiating contracts in the office as well as the aisles of a grocery store. She wants to be taken seriously and treated with respect wherever she is. It won’t happen in “business casualty” attire. It won’t happen in “girlie” attire. It definitely won’t happen when you look like a “miniature man.”

Are you tired of playing Wardrobe Roulette® when you look in your closet or shop for clothes? Well, now Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, has the answer! Her latest book, 7 Days to a Brand New You: Polishing Your Professional Image is the perfect guide for the do-it-yourself woman who understands image is a powerful tool and knows she can be so much more! You will learn solid principles for looking better and getting ahead.

  • Are you frustrated with the obstacles you face in the workplace?
  • Do you wonder why you've been overlooked at promotion time in favor of someone who's possibly less qualified?
  • Do you ever feel as if you're not being taken seriously or not being heard in a meeting room full of men?

You might expect to pay $1,000 or more working with a coach in order to achieve results that could enable you to look more attractive, get that promotion, and command immediate credibility! But now, Sandy Dumont, the Image Architect, has the tool for you and it won’t break the bank.

You’ll find revolutionary ideas in Sandy’s new book -  information that isn’t available anywhere else, because it's the result of Sandy's 30 years of research and experience.  Information that takes the confusion out of pulling your wardrobe together.

This book and all its information is now available electronically for the incredibly low price of $9.97!

"Sandy's book is one of those unique finds. It's totally different from Color Me Beautiful and all the other books on color and image. In fact, 10 years ago I was "miss-diagnosed" by Color Me Beautiful as an autumn because of my red hair. Now people tell me I look professional and attractive; and I know I look younger. But most importantly my business is on the fast track now. Thanks Sandy!"

Doris Young, RN, Ph.D.
President, Doris Young Associates
Norfolk, VA


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